Google +1 Online Marketing Strategy

Andy Clarke Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media

Why include Google +1, Facebook Likes and Retweets as part of your Online Marketing Strategy?

Well, it has long been the aim of Google to develop a way of combining social behaviour and search results, but this seemingly natural progression has been hard to achieve. The Google+1 is just such a device that aims to encourage people to share interesting content with those people they know. Everything suggests that this is going to be an important tool for search ranking in the future. So then how can we develop this into an effective online marketing strategy and increase ranking?

Google are keeping the effect Google+1 has on search ranking a bit of a mystery but we do know the following however: There is a proven correlation between an increased number of Google+1s (Retweets and Facebook Likes) and potential for higher Click-Thru-Rate. Increased social sharing increases the likelihood that your friends will click on those sites you have +1, this in turn could lead to them sharing the content of this site. New sharing means new links and therefore more valuable link juice.

Online Marketing Strategy

Google +1 Online Marketing Strategy

For now social sharing doesn’t have the same effect as traditional and trusted online marketing strategy methods such as link building, keyword strategies and content creation. It is definitely one to watch for the future however. In fact Google have quoted “For +1′s, as with any new ranking signal, we are starting carefully and learning how those signals affect search quality.”

For now how the effect of Google+1, Retweets and Facebook Likes will remain only indirect ways of increasing search ranking, but none the less an important part of your online marketing strategy.