Getting your message across doesn’t always get your message across.

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The Information Commissioners Office is currently tackling the alarming increase in spam texts. This is good news for everyone who has been contacted by spam compensation texts for example.

Some people get as many as 10 spam texts a day. I am a recipient of spam texts, after I filled in some car loan details on a popular car sales website, I will let you guess which one! Since I filled in my details (only once I might add) I have been contacted many times. I find this very annoying and I would regard some of the service offerings as almost illegal. For example, two companies have called me trying to sell me a short term loan. I think that there is a lesson here for anyone looking to contact their target market.

Reaching your target market is one thing. Annoying them is another…

Miromedia will always encourage an opt-in email data base for contacting of your potential client base. That way, the open rate is higher, the conversion rate is higher and the interest is positive.

Yours annoyed about spam texts,

Leamington Spa