Getting a search engine optimisation specialist is a lot like getting a good manager

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When choosing a search engine optimisation specialist or a manager for your football club, nothing really matters unless you get all the elements correct. For example:

Roman Abramovich sacked his latest coach, Andre Villas Boas, this week. This is sad or happy news for all Chelsea fans, depending on which camp they are in. It’s easy to see what went wrong over the course of the season. However, how many companies relate these mistakes to the way they run their business?


First let’s review the mistakes at Chelsea; then relate that back to other businesses.Chelsea has a mega rich owner with little patience. Since Jose Mourinho left in 2007 the club has had 7 more managers. All come with a proven track record, yet the success that Roman craves (winning the champions league) has not materialised.

There has been a major investment in players, there has been a major investment in the youth system and the ground capacity has been increased. Have the players improved the team? Has the youth system bought though enough world class players. Has an increase in support encouraged the team to over perform? No.

What Chelsea have achieved, when you look at his spend, has meant that he has become more and more impatient. One could argue that he has been throwing good money after bad. Buying Torres is a good example of this.

Success is a long term project. Get the right people in, with a proven track record, then give them time to perform.

Search Engine Optimisation Specialist

Now let’s look at finding the right search engine optimisation specialist (SOS). The same rules apply. Getting a site to perform for a keyword can depend on the competitiveness of that keyword. For example: ‘tube end forming’ low competition (division 1) – ‘beds’ high competition (premier league).

How do we achieve our goals?

First find a manager /SOS with a proven track record. Then make sure you have a team/website that can perform. Given a short amount of time you should see progress, but these things take time. We would never tell a company that they would be on page 1 for beds within 3 months (6 months is a much more realistic goal). However, for tube end forming 3 months would be realistic.


Get the right manager (search engine optimisation specialist), get a good team (get the website to perform), be patient (these things take time), monitor the growth (measure the increase in visitors/keyword performance). Bring all the ingredients together for a better chance of success.

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