Get those pesky Magento URLs

Ian Hancock Development, General

How many times have you been sat in front of the Magento control panel, staring at that blank CMS content field thinking ‘What is the syntax that will get me the full skin URL for my lovely picture of Noel Edmonds?’

Loads of times, right? At least once or twice anyway. Well, I’ve listed below the main syntax includes that will make outputting images and media as simple as watching Noel’s House Party on a Saturday night.

Output the images folder in the current skin: {{skin url='images/noel_on_tv.jpg '}}

Output the media folder {{media url='/houseparty_s01e04.mpg'}}

Output the current store URL {{store url='edmonds_wiki.html'}}

Ouputting Magento URLs

This is Noel Edmonds