Five Fundamentals of our SEO Copywriting Service

Ian Hancock Search Engine Optimisation

Copywriting is in itself a craft. It has many functions and purposes but our SEO copywriting service ensures we write not only for human experience but also for a search engine. Combining the creative and the functional seamlessly allows for a great reader experience as well as being favoured by the search engines. It isn’t always an easy task, sometimes keywords may stand out like a sore thumb and the reader will know your writing other than for their benefit. Here are some top seo copywriting tips to drive readership and ultimately traffic:

1. Focus on Keywords

It all starts with keyword research. Once the keywords have been established you can start creating content which is fully optimised. Carefully embed these keywords into the text (about 3 every 250 words in our SEO copywriting service). Include keywords into the meta descriptions and headlines as this will direct the search engine to your article or website, as well as captivating your audience. Make sure the keywords are not overused as your site will look spammy and you will not gain genuine readers.

2. Write Naturally

Write for a scanner. People like to quickly find information which is relevant to them. Beautiful lengthy written prose doesn’t always set out what its meant to do. Make sure it is short, sharp and snappy, this is the main difference with SEO copywriting compared to other copy as it seeks to fit an instant gratifying purpose. Ensure you have your target audience in mind when you write so you can establish the tone, language and can get a better grasp on where to add keywords.

3. Format

Ensure your content is in a user friendly format which is broken up and organised. If you have text longer than 400 words use headlines to help readers digest it easier. Similarly use bullet points to tidy up copy and to keep it simple. Use Bolding or italics to emphasise important statements. Making a keyword bold can also be used to increase ranking as the search engines will deem it more important.

4. Internal Linking

Link to other pages of your site. Bold keywords then create a link to another page which is relevant and the reader may appreciate being navigated to this. This will increase the amount of time a visitor spends on your site.

5. Don’t neglect your images

When images are used to complement your copy give a description of the image with the keyword included when you hover over the image. This will help the reader and the search engine will point to your site.

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