Feedback helps to look forward

Ian Hancock Web Design

How can looking back help you in the future? A funny question you may think. However, it is important to review your marketing successes. They can be built upon and your website can be a fantastic tool to assist in this area.

Consider looking into your customer base: how did they find you? If you factor in your leads as well, you may find that you have an excellent database to review for successful advertising.

How many of your clients found you through your website? How many have been referrals? What services do your leads enquire about?

These questions can be so helpful in finding out which areas of your business you would like to promote further.

For example, ask this question of your clients: What would you type into a search engine to find the products that you need? This sort of question could give you invaluable information on how to set out your web pages and who you want to appeal to. You may find keywords that you have not considered. You can then set out pages based around these words, which could give you an edge on your competitors.

Julian Wilkins – Search Consultant
Miromedia SEO & Managed Online Marketing Specialists