Facebook is Heading for Search

Ian Hancock Industry News, Social Media

It’s no secret that Facebook want to incorporate search into their social network. It’s not a case of if, but when. Earlier this week they announced that they were adding your search history the the activity log. This means that you can now look at your Facebook search history. Before you panic and start worrying that people can see that you have been talking them the data is only available to you and Facebook. Its not displayed publicly on your timeline.

Mark Zuckerberg has hinted that he hopes the types of search query Facebook will be able to help you with are thing like ; ‘which sushi restaurants have my friends been to in NY?’ Facebook has the data and the potential to be able to answer such personal questions and if it becomes reality it will really change the way we search and the types of query that can be answered. Facebook is pretty much the only platform on which this type of personal search could work, unless they sell our info to others, which wouldn’t be a popular move.

If Facebook does go ahead with it it can be used to generate more revenue, something that shareholders will be happy to hear. Such search capacity can only be incorporated into a wider search engine that answers standard, non-personal queries. Zuckerberg himself has spoken a lot about search in Facebook so watch this space!