Facebook adds a new friend.

Ian Hancock Social Media

As predicted in my previous post, Facebook have made the addition of a video chat function in order to limit the impact of Google Plus. And it’s not just any old video chat feature. They have enlisted the help of Skype, the king of video chat. No one was surprised to hear that the two were in partnership. It makes sense for the biggest social media site to join forces with the biggest online video chat service. The partnership brings together two of the most successful forms of modern communication so it should bring much success to both, as well as keeping the users happy. One thing it will do is keep users on the site longer, which means more revenue from advertising as the ad space will become more valuable. The important point from Facebook’s perspective is that even if users don’t actually use Skype whilst on the site they have the option to – it’s one more reason to stick with Facebook and one more reason not to go on Google Plus.