Explosive performance generates a 8500% ROI

Simon Industry News, Search Engine Optimisation

In April of 2011, Miromedia were engaged by Jordans Fireworks to formulate an SEO strategy with the sole purpose of achieving more sales via  natural Google page one rankings for both ‘fireworks for sale’ and ‘fireworks’. At the time, Jordans Fireworks had been attempting to accomplish this with an incumbent SEO agency with no success.

Due to the competitiveness of the keywords with ‘fireworks for sale’ one of 48,500,000 pages and ‘fireworks’ one of 127,000,000 pages*, the task ahead required extensive expertise. Miromedia set-to-work and formulated a strategy with a balanced mix of search engine optimisation and link building. During this period, the objective of selling fireworks via the Internet was made more challenging for Jordans Fireworks by Google banning the use of ‘fireworks for sale’ and associated keywords in AdWords (Pay-per-click).

The Miromedia team quickly achieved position one, page one results for ‘fireworks for sale’ and just in time for the 5th of November, we achieved page one for the keyword ‘fireworks’.

The result is a 8500% ROI (return on investment). Yes that is correct eight thousand five hundred percent!

We received the email below from a very happy Mr Jordan – A partner at Jordans Fireworks – and the person who put his trust in Miromedia to deliver.

“I see we have appeared on page one in Google for ‘fireworks’. I must be quite honest I don’t think we’d have been able to cope with the trade if we had got there a couple of weeks ago. The volume of hits we received from ‘fireworks for sale’ brought us more than enough business. I think we now need to work on a new web site that will make buying from us easier and we will now have a good 6 months to get everything ready (not only from a web site point of view but from a logistics point of view for us being able to cope with the business). We’ll speak to you in the new year regarding the new site and in the meantime keep up the good work.”

Our task now is to help Jordan’s Fireworks improve their online presence with an easier-to-use search optimised website for all year round sales.

It’s great to be part of a ‘sparkling’ success story – of which we are happily part of many. If you would like us to be part of yours, then please call Mike Quinn on 01926 358200.

*figures as of 10/11/2011