Do you fill the dishwasher?

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In life there are generally 2 groups of people: tidy ones and untidy ones. Those who fill the dishwasher, pop in a tablet, turn it on and those that leave dirty cookery stacked high in the sink to go mouldy and turn the kitchen into a festering hole. As a web developer you must be the former. You must be clean, both hygienically speaking and in terms of the markup and coding you produce.

Creating websites with clean and concise code which conforms to the latest web standards is paramount to producing high quality, fast and SEO efficient sites. A site that is created and can be validtaed using W3C’s validation tools will aid future proofing and accessibility. A badly created HTML page may work in the current crop of browsers but that does not mean that future version will be so forgiving.

Always write XHTML making sure it is as stripped down and lightweight as possible, use no unnecessary tags or attributes, after all a Formula 1 car has no radio or cup holders (it doesn’t need them). All styling for a page should be contained within style sheets using validated CSSand applied to the page using either class names or by tag Id. Not only will this help any future development that you may make to a site it also means that any other competent developer can look at the code and easily understand how it work.

Spending more time to produce the best output you can will not only benefit your clients but will also benefit your own team of developers, easing any future updates and giving SEO potential a head start.