December 2020 Core Algorithm Update

Simon JonesGoogle

Google recently confirmed a core algorithm update had begun to be rolled out (starting December 3rd). 

Typically when Google releases a core algorithm update the impact and what SEO factors are to be affected are unknown. This generally takes a few weeks to understand and certain aspects to organic rankings or traffic can take a brief nose dive. 

So far Google has suggested that we focus on ensuring we are offering the best content we can. 

They have provided a range of questions in a blog post discussing core algorith updates here 



As with each core update, the SEO community goes into panic mode as we worry that our hard work may be impacted negatively. 

Here are some interesting reactions to the December 2020 Core Update 



Although a new update at the end of the year can be a stressful thought. Here are some practical things we can focus on over the next few weeks. 

  1. Monitor your critical metrics for each of your clients. You can do this by using some of the following reporting tools: Google Analytics, SEM Rush, Authoritas etc.
  2. Communicate with your SEO team and discuss any big changes you may identify in your clients’ data. Create a brief list of the things you notice – this may help give an indication of what the algorithm is changing.
  3. Share your learnings. We’re all in this together and the more we can help each other in sharing knowledge, asking questions, and getting involved, the better we will all fare.