Creating Content that Generates Natural Links

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What’s better than spending time creating fantastic links that search engines value and give your site ranking strength? Answer, creating fantastic content that people naturally link to and give your site repeated and long term ranking strength. But what exactly should page content include to increase the likelihood that people will link to you naturally? John Doherty over at Distilled carried out some recent measurements to answer just that, you can see the full article here.

Great Copy First and foremost, what you have written should be interesting, compelling and useful. The copy should be well researched and if you are proving opinion, it should be well argued. Content that is fun, informative and authorative is far more likely to be linked to than copy which isn’t.

Content with Images Including an image, images or video content does increase your chances of natural linking. Site content that is attractive, eye-catching and interesting will be more compelling. But also a web page with images and video seems more comprehensive, thus people will favour it over boring and plain web text.

More Content Vs Short Content Here’s an age old question – do web users prefer short and concise content they can consume quickly over lengthier and more informative content? Well the jury may still be out on that question, but there is strong evidence to suggest that the longer the web page content the more natural links it will in fact generate.

Linking Out To Other Sites There is ongoing discussion about whether linking out increases the chances of getting links back from those sites. However, including one or two links in your content is advisable when creating any interesting piece. It makes sense to include relevant links to authorative pages on the Web and this makes your copy more interesting. When we look at example data from John Doherty we can in fact see there is a slight increase in natural linking to those pages with outbound links.

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