Cheap Link Building Services – A thing of the Past?

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Reader Warning; In honour of the Olympics arriving in the UK I have used as many sports metaphors as possible in this article.

Link building is a task for which the goal posts are constantly moving. Something that helped to achieve page one positions last month might result in a hefty ranking penalty next month. We are constantly analysing the way we work and our link building strategy is always changing and developing. Thankfully we, like most good online marketing agencies, have never relied on overly risky, manipulative techniques, also known as ‘black hat SEO’. Black Hat can be compared to doping – you might get great results in the short term but you will eventually get caught, and when you do you can wave goodbye to your medals.  Those who have historically used these dangerous techniques have always known that they are sailing close to the wind and the wave caused by Google’s latest anti-spam updates has caused them to capsize. Google’s recent updates are now old news but it is only now that we are seeing the full impact on the industry.

Not only has it caught out websites and on-line marketing agencies but it has also crippled those who provide link building services – mainly those offering very cheap links on sites designed specifically for this purpose.  Anyone in the industry will know just how active the cheap link building industry was. Everyday our inboxes would fill with poorly written, mass mailers attempting to persuade us to buy links from people with very strange names. However in recent weeks the amount of these emails we receive has dropped faster than a diver off the 10m platform, implying that the cheap link building services arm of the industry is suffering more than Tom Daley after a men’s synchronised final.

Link Building Services

Just Like in Sport, SEO is All About Your Position

So, has the final whistle been blown on those who sell spammy link building as a service? There will always be people who are ill-informed, willing to take the risk or just stupid. And they will continue to pay for dodgy links. But for a vast majority of the online marketing industry it is a thing of the past, a step backwards. What was once a sure-fire way of scoring a search engine bull’s-eye is now a major threat to your most prized rankings. The decline in use of such techniques certainly spells disaster for the budget link outsourcing market, which is good news for most of us. The fewer spammy link building service emails we receive, the better!

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