Causing A Splash

Simon Stuff

Ever thought you had found the website you were looking for only to encounter that you are not quite where you expected to be but have arrived at the site’s introductory page instead. These somewhat annoying introductions are known as Splash Pages.

The introduction won’t let you on the site straight away but will provide you with a ‘helpful’ preview of what you can expect to see when you actually get there! The page will probably contain some ‘clever’ piece of animation that you will either have to wait for whilst it loads or you are given the opportunity to ‘skip intro’ and go straight to the site (which is probably what you would have preferred to do in the first place).

Splash pages can be very popular with site owners but in our opinion aren’t necessary and can potentially have a negative effect on your website. Here are some reasons why;

1. Treat it like a shop – If you had a shop would you employ someone to stand in front of it, stop people from going in and give them a talk to explain what was in the shop? No? Then why do the same with your website.

2. Search Engines don’t like Flash – I know that Google has now developed ways to read text within Flash Content but flash animation can still mask your site from search engines. Search spiders are unlikely to be able to see beyond your animation to the content behind it.

3. Ask yourself why? – Why have you added the splash page? Most of the content included in these intros can be incorporated into the home page anyway. It is far better from a search engine perspective to have the landing page of your website containing relevant text alongside flash elements.

4. Hurdles – Why put hurdles in the way of customers trying to get to your product? Surely the correct idea is to remove these obstacles so that customers can reach your site quicker!!

5. Skip Intro – Our own research shows that most visitors click on ‘skip intro’ anyway so your introduction probably isn’t even being seen.