Google Places Optimising

Dean Ronnie General, Search Engine Optimisation

There are loads of reasons to optimise Google Places. Ensuring local visibility to searchers and ensuring a number 3 position on a competitive page are probably the most important. How then do we optimise our Clients listings? Here are some simple rules to increase rankings for your website on Google …

The Jelly Bean Queen

Dean Ronnie General, Search Engine Optimisation

The jelly-bean-queen and why keeping an eye on your website, or paying someone else to do it for you, shouldn’t be overlooked. When told of a jelly bean that resembles Queen-to-be Kate Middleton I immediately knew I had to look into the rumours. I was not disappointed and will definitely …

UK’s Top Search Engines

Kirstie Jones General, Search Engine Optimisation, Stuff

What are the most popular search engines in the U.K? Below you will find the latest figures (according to hitwise) This is why it’s a good idea to target Google UK as a priorty search engine, as it accounts for a great deal of  the UK’s internet search traffic.

The exact match domains problem…

Dean Ronnie General, Search Engine Optimisation

Exact match domains have received a flurry of posts on the SEO blogs recently regarding the possible end of their power. Every Internet user will have seen a domain name that is essentially a keyword, for example ‘’ sitting comfortably in position one. The question here is will a possibly …

Results without History

Dean Ronnie Development, General, Search Engine Optimisation

Here’s a nice, quick short cut if you are looking to return results in Google without the polluting effects of ‘history’ or being ‘signed in’. Give it go:  and save it to favourites, if like the Miro SEO Team you will use this nearly everday!

Google algorithm update

Andrew Male Search Engine Optimisation

The clever people at Google are in the midst of rolling out an update to their all-conquering search algorithm that will, they say, aim to reward quality sites with quality content. According to Google a quality site is one “with original content and information such as research, in-depth reports, thoughtful …