New Miromedia Tool

Dean Ronnie General, Stuff

There are several SEO tools on the market but unfortunately we couldn’t find any to work exactly on our quality criteria for link building. Several criteria need to be taken in consideration when analysing a link’s quality; the page where the link is placed, subject matter, the position on the …

Blippar – Augmented Reality Advertising

Ian Hancock General, Stuff

You heard it hear first (possibly). I boldly predict Blippar will become the focus of many a media review and comment over the next few months as the augmented reality advertising company launch into the ether. Blippar is a new and clever way of combining traditional advertising like billboards, bus shelters, newspaper …

An App a day keep the Google away

Ian Hancock General, Stuff, Web Design

3 years ago knowbody knew what an App was. This week, Apple announced the passing of the 500,000 mark for approved iOS Apps – in just 34 months. That equates into over 400,000 downloadable Apps after you account for withdrawn and replacement Apps. This comes after the January 2011 announcement …

The Skype’s the limit for Microsoft

Ian Hancock General, Stuff

The acquisition of Skype for $8.5bn (yes billion) is Microsoft’s largest purchase to-date. It’s almost three times the price Ebay purchased Skype for 18 months ago at $3 billion (at the time of sale considered a huge amount). Ebay then sold a majority share for a reported $1.2bn less than …

Secure data

Kirstie Jones General

Very worrying news this month regarding flaws in Sony Playstation 3 security, which has led to all online gaming being suspended. With rumours of over 100 million users data being captured illegally. This obviously leads to the question, how secure is data online? It is fair to say that this …

Google Places Optimising

Dean Ronnie General, Search Engine Optimisation

There are loads of reasons to optimise Google Places. Ensuring local visibility to searchers and ensuring a number 3 position on a competitive page are probably the most important. How then do we optimise our Clients listings? Here are some simple rules to increase rankings for your website on Google …

Guaranteed SEO results

Ian Hancock General, SEO Regional, Stuff

Yet again, we are pitching against an SEO company that guarantees results for page one of Google. Well, yet again, we responded by providing the following link direct from Google advising you to avoid SEO companies guaranteeing results. They cannot be guaranteed – simple.

Wi-Fi on the Fly

Kirstie Jones General

I was pleased to hear that Audi are now producing cars with Wi-fi built in. I like this idea, which I am confident will catch on. I often find that technology moves so fast, that we can forget how much things have changed. Today, I am going to go on …

The Jelly Bean Queen

Dean Ronnie General, Search Engine Optimisation

The jelly-bean-queen and why keeping an eye on your website, or paying someone else to do it for you, shouldn’t be overlooked. When told of a jelly bean that resembles Queen-to-be Kate Middleton I immediately knew I had to look into the rumours. I was not disappointed and will definitely …