Blue jean baby, LA lady

Andrew Male Development, Search Engine Optimisation

Have you ever wanted to redirect your index.php page to yourroot domain? So this: Automatically redirects to this: You have… excellent! Well with the following code snippet for the .htaccess file you can now achieve this: RewriteCond %{THE_REQUEST} ^.*/index.php RewriteRule ^(.*)index.php$ [R=301,L]

PayPal return information

Andrew Male Development

If you’ve ever wondered wanted to know how PayPal returns data to you from a transaction (and we have) then look no further than this blog courtesy of the PayPal X Developer Network. This explains the POST, PDT and IPN return types. Ok, so not the most interesting night time …

branch, merge and relax

Andrew Male Development

After many attempts at trying to, unsuccesfully, merge branch changes into my trunk using SVN I came across a working solution, courtesy of Here it is: Step 1: checkout the trunk to a working folder svn checkout file:///repository/project/trunk /home/project-trunk   Step 2: Perform a merge bewteen the SVN repos …

bit of blue sky thinking

Andrew Male Development

In this era of cloud computing and moving hardware to some unseen location, floating in the ether, it is interestingto learn about IDEs (Integrated Development Environment) that are now also available ‘in the cloud’. Not having to install software on your machine and deal with all the hassle that comes …

“Is it safe?”

Andrew Male Development, Web Design

Everyone wants to have the fancy stuff on their site, don’t they? Nice images, gradients, that fancy serif font the MD saw on the London based digital media agency with the cool anti-aliasing. It all looks nice on the design but when it comes down actual putting together the nuts …

where default is the new reset

Andrew Male Development, Web Design

I recently read this post: which talks about using your reset CSS in a slightly different way; by making it your default styling. Most of Miromedia’s sites, up to this point, have been built with a reset.css that attempts to start off a basic site which is consistent across browsers …