Can Wikipedia be used for Web Marketing Purposes?

Ian Hancock Online PR

Recently I had to write a Wikipedia entry for a client. Halfway through editing the article I was informed that a German chap had decided that my article did not meet Wikipedia’s editorial guidelines. I was told that the entry was ‘written like an advertisement’ and that for this reason it may be removed. In other words I had been found guilty of using Wikipedia as a web marketing tool. I was, in fact, using the site for web marketing purposes. However the company the article was about are very established and successful. They have won numerous awards and accolades. This was where the problem lay; making the article not sound like an advert was difficult due to how accomplished the company is.  Imagine writing the Wikipedia article for Lionel Messi – it would be impossible to sound neutral. Sometimes when things are good you have to say they are good. Thankfully the article still exists, despite the fact that the German editor was right and it is there for web marketing reasons.

Web Marketing on Wikipedia in the Future?

Who knows if Wikipedia will ever allow paid web marketing and advertising? It would be worth billions as over 95% of its pages rank on page one of Google and it has billions of page views worldwide every month. But that’s a whole nother blog.

Web Marketing on Wiki -Will it Happen?