Can Microsoft’s new tablet take a bite out of Apple?

Ian Hancock Stuff

There is a great deal of secrecy surrounding the new tablet from Microsoft. I would have thought that the ‘Surface’ unveiling would be an opportunity for the world’s media to test drive this new technology. However, it appears everyone was kept at arm’s length. Getting people excited, then not giving them enough information, can lead to disappointment. But on this occasion I will reserve judgement.

Inevitably, for the Surface to be successful, it will need to break through some impressive barriers. Looking at it’s major competitor, will Mircosoft be able to get close to the value for money of an iPad? There is also desirability to consider. It is going to take some serious ‘coolness’ to freeze out the competition. I, for one, am not sure that the floppy keyboard will be much of a feature. I don’t know anyone who has a floppy keyboard or anyone who has had difficulty in typing on an ipad, or any other tablet for that matter.

The world advances as ideas improve, so I wish Microsoft well. However, I can’t help thinking that they have arrived at the party when everyone else is about to move on. They will need to go some to get the world’s attention.

So, what will make this new offering successful? I think that they will need to outperform all competitors. Which means – better battery life, fantastic user experience, great apps and a price that is irresistible.

Microsoft's Surface Tablet

Good luck.