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How can I utilise blogs and forums to grow my website visitors?


We are frequently asked about the value of blogs by our clients. Other companies have them, should we? How can it help grow the business?

When considering creating a blog, it is important this is done for the right reasons. Just because a competitor has one is not enough to warrant this.

A blog is an informal way to get your message across, give exciting or interesting information to your community, or create viral content that will accelerate traffic to your site.

A blog can even make you an authority in your sector.

However, time needs to be taken to create the content (and there needs to be a public interest in that content or subject matter).

So consider these elements:

  • Do you have time to write the content?
  • Will it be exciting?
  • Can it show your expertise?
  • Will it answer people’s questions?
  • Will it add a human feel to the company?

Define some of your Goals:

  • A blog should give and not take
  • It should be informative (and usually informal), after all your website is for your serious content
  • It should give people a reason to come into the site, or return to the blog for further information
  • It should make it easy for visitors to contact you, if they so wish
  • You may be able to Blog on hot topic and so use sector relevant keywords and good seo structure (Miromedia has copyrighting guidelines available to our client base)   Forums Consider a forum as an online community that has an interest in a certain topic. With lots of questions and answers flying around to help the community as a whole. Forums grow, if they carry useful information and are appealing to the masses. Also many forum users link back to their websites, to give further knowledge and information.

Forums are an opportunity to:

  • Get a feel for your community
  • Help others requiring relevant information
  • Gain a valuable insight into what questions are being asked
  • Solve problems and ask relevant questions
  • And essentially, forums give you an ear to the ground.

So consider:

  • You can become an active part of a community
  • Help others to achieve their goals
  • Becoming an authority from adding quality information
  • Show expertise in a specific area
  • That you can find useful, but sometimes inaccurate, information in forums

Define some of your Goals:

  • Research the best forums to join
  • Be an active member
  • Look to achieve credit for the work that you do
  • Direct people back to your site where possible

If you require help, or would like Miromedia to create a blog presence for your company, then please contact us. We have a professional copywriting service, that is geared up to blog creation, designed to drive traffic to your website.