Blogging – One of the Easiest SEO Techniques

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As far as SEO techniques go blogging has to be one of the most accessible and straight forward. It’s also a fantastic way of telling potential customers and existing clients about developments and changes to your company. If you don’t already have a blog on your site here are a few reasons you should consider adding one;

  1. Easy – Blogging is easy. All you have to do is choose something to write about and go for it. Keep posts concise and simple. And remember; write about what you know!
  2. Authority – If your blog is full of good quality, compelling content people will begin to realise that you are an authority in your field. More traffic, enquiries and leads will follow.
  3. Fresh Content –Search engines favour sites that are loaded with fresh content. Blogging is the easiest way of doing this. What’s more you can subtly optimise your blog posts to include low competition keywords. By using SEO techniques in your blogs you will be able to achieve quick wins in the search engines.
  4. Link Bait – If your posts are informative and interesting then other people will link to them. This means free links to your site, which = better search engine rankings.
  5. Sign of Life – updating your blog regularly shows users that you are alive and well! If someone clicks through to your site and they see that someone posted on the blog yesterday they will see that you are active and ready to communicate. If they visit another site and see that the last blog post was 18 months ago they

A good way of ensuring you blog remains up-to-date and varied is to get multiple people to contribute. Give each person in the office a subject to cover, or give everyone a day each week on which they must contribute. If you still don’t feel that you have enough content on your blog you can get people to provide guest posts.

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