Biometrics – Talk to the Hand

Ian Hancock General, Stuff

Voice recognition, finger print recognition, body shape. It’s all getting rather future perfect. We have been told that ATM’s will be reading these elements and talking to us in the very near future. I can picture it right now, I walk up to my local ATM:-

“ I would like to withdraw some money please. “

“Certainly Sir, let me just check your account.”

“No don’t do that, just give me some money.”

“I am sorry Sir, I need to identify who you are, before giving you money….. Having checked your accounts, it appears that you are out of funds.”

“Please check again, I am sure I have some money in one of my accounts.”

“No, I am sorry Sir. You have no finds available.”

So this is what the future holds, standing outside of Tesco, while the ATM tells everyone in the queue that I have no money. What will they think of next.