Bake Off Day Two – Tash’s Chocolate Cake

Ian HancockComic Relief Bake Off

Its only day two of the Miromedia Red Nose Day baking competition and its already become clear that people are taking this seriously. People are in it to win it. Results day could see more red faces than red noses.

Prep/Bake Time: 2 hours

Ingredients/Recipe: Please contact us for ingredients and preparation details.

What the Voters Said:

“Very nice aesthetics. It looked professional yet homely.”

“Rich, Creamy, Velvety.”

“Strong contender today!”

“Tasted like a giant flake, was lovely.”

Analysis & Prediction: 8.25/10

This entry was surrounded by the potentially devastating cocktail of hype and controversy. There was uproar when it was suggested that such an accomplished baker was allowed to take part in an amateur competition. Some compared it to Usain Bolt lining up next to the kids for the St Nicholas Primary 60 yard dash. Others were just happy to hear that Tash would be lending her incredible skills to the competition.

All of the doubters were silenced upon presentation of the cake. It looked as good as it tasted. Think of every word to describe a chocolate cake and it was that. It truly was a melt-in-your-mouth situation.

The immediate emotion after consumption was that of guilt, which is the ultimate goal of any chocolate cake. If you don’t feel guilty after chocolate cake you have been short-changed.The lack of sponge made for an unadulterated, velvety slab of indulgence. Sponge in chocolate cake can get in the way and act as filler; this was all thriller. Raspberries were called upon as an accompaniment to the chocolate; a winning combination.

It is certainly a strong contender for the title, as predicted.

After two days of competition and two very strong entries, tomorrow it falls to yours truly to carry forth the torch lit by Mary Berry.