Are Google Set to Take a Slice of Apple’s Core Product Market?

Ian Hancock Stuff

Apple have previously announced that they are to remove Google’s 3d mapping system from their ipad and iphone, as they have launched their own mapping devices in a bid to monopolise the market. However Google have fought back by creating their own tablet to rival one of Apple’s core products – the ipad. It is said to be another attempt from the Search engine giant to dominate the technological world.

The Google tablet will only cost £159 and goes on sale in just 3 weeks time. The extreme price difference from Apples £399 ipad is said to entice consumers away from Apple. Consumers who previously couldn’t afford to pay Apple prices may find Google’s tablet products more appealing and accessible which could erode Apple’s dominance in the tablet market.

Google’s Nexus 7 tablet has a high definition screen, a nine hour continuous play battery life but is more compact, lighter and portable than Apple’s ipad, which the firm hopes will make it more popular.The new tablet will also run on Google’s operating system Android 4.1, called Jelly Bean which will promote better search results and an improved touch experience.

Apple have a camera application but have left out the camera. Whereas Google have two cameras, one at the back and one at the front for video calls. In addition to this, making android applications for Google’s tablet are easier to install with some knowledge and expertise. However Apple’s products are protected so that only apps approved by Apple can be installed.

Google have also unveiled their new Google TV, not too dissimilar to Apple TV. Google TV will set you back around £200 compared to a mere £99 for Apple TV. Yet the new product from Google will allow users to browse the web, as well as watch TV in real time and give us a central source for entertainment.

Google are attempting to hit Apple’s core products and shake up the market. Either way it’s great they are competing as this ultimately means better quality or cheaper products in the long run.

Can Google really take a chunk out of Apple?