Apple v’s Google

Ian Hancock General

Apple’s power struggle sees Google dumped from Apple’s software

Apple has recently announced that they are to create their own 3d mapping system to rival competitors google. The world’s largest technology firm made their announcement at a conference whilst introducing their sixth version of their software. Apple’s new maps app will be free to the iphone and ipad.

Google and Apple have previously had a close working partnership, with Google providing mapping data for the iphone since 2007. However Apple have now planned to abandon Google’s 3d version from its ios mobile operating system.

Apple who have previously had a negative relationship with Facebook have now turned this on its head by forging an alliance, announcing their integration of the social network into their smartphones and ipads. Facebook and Apple previously came into conflict with each other when Apple refused to include Facebook in Apple Ping’s music social network. The social network is now said to be deeply ingrained into the Apple technology allowing people to log in and update their status’, walls, pictures and “Likes”. This new re-alignment is set to be a shift away from Google and a plan to challenge them as they are currently Apple’s biggest competitor in the iphone market.

Apple’s new mapping technology will work in connection with Apple’s “personal assistant” which can be asked navigational questions and plan trips and is seen as a new and more interactive version of the classic satnav. Apple’s new technology is said to put them marginally ahead of Google. Its voice direction which also includes crowd sourced traffic conditions from other ios users updates users of congestion whilst travelling.

Apple plans to overthrow Google but will the search engine giant fight their corner?