Apple Offers Free iCloud to Greek Customers

Simon JonesGeneral

According to the folks over at ZDNet, Apple have offered Greek customers 30-days of free iCloud access. The economic turmoil in Greece means restrictions have been put in place on payments to international companies. That means Greek customers who back up all their data to iCloud would lose access if they couldn’t keep up with their payments. Cue Apple and their very own Greek bailout.

The below was originally posted on ZDNet’s article titled Apple gives Greek users free iCloud for 30 days:



The company confirmed to ZDNet that it will not be charging iCloud users for the next month.

“Our sympathies are with our customers in Greece who have experienced an interruption in their iCloud accounts as a result of the fiscal crisis. To ensure our customers in Greece continue to have access to their content stored in iCloud during this difficult time, we’ve extended their iCloud storage plans for an extra 30 days at no additional cost,” Apple said in a statement.

As a result of the crisis, Greek citizens couldn’t make credit card payments or bank transfers to foreign companies, meaning they were unable to pay their iCloud subscriptions. iCloud storage is priced at between €0.99 for 20GB of space a month up to €19.99 for 1TB of storage for Greek users; reportedly those who couldn’t make payments due to the crisis were initially told their storage would be cut to 5GB, which is available to Apple users for free.



Nice job, Apple.