Apple 1 Sells for Double its Estimate

Ian Hancock General, Industry News

An Apple 1, originally sold in 1976 and Apples first ever product, has sold at auction today for almost £250,000. The £240,929 price tag meant that it went for more than twice the original 120,000 – 180,000 USD estimate put on it by Sotheby’s. It is one of 200 Apple 1’s that were released, with only around 50 still in existence. One possible explanation for the huge closing price is that it is one of a handful of Apple 1’s that still work. The RRP of the computer when it was originally released was £666.66. Apple products have been hugely successful at auction recently, most likely due to the death of co-founder, chairman and CEO Steve Jobs in October last year. Two months after his death the founding papers of Apple were sold for a mind-boggling $1.6 million. The documents, estimated to go for $150,000, carried the signatures of the three co-founders; Jobs, Wozniak and Wayne.

If you have any Apple originals it might be worth getting them valued!