An App a day keep the Google away

Ian Hancock General, Stuff, Web Design

3 years ago knowbody knew what an App was. This week, Apple announced the passing of the 500,000 mark for approved iOS Apps – in just 34 months. That equates into over 400,000 downloadable Apps after you account for withdrawn and replacement Apps.

This comes after the January 2011 announcement that over 10billion Apps had been downloaded. With over 85,000 developers, this solidifies Apples position in the App war with Google – who are not so far behind (Their App store launched 8 month later) with 3 billion downloads and over 250,000 available Apps.

To put 500,000 Apps into context, if you downloaded an App from the Apple App Store every day, it would take you over 1,369 years before you ran out of apps. Of course, you would run out of memory on your iOS device a lot sooner than that.