Amazon on the Horizon

Ian Hancock General, Industry News

I have an iPad and they are fantastic pieces of kit. Everyone I know loves their iPad. I even had a discussion with someone last week who said he couldn’t see the point in one, until he had it for a week and then couldn’t live without it. A question arises: why are we so dependent on this new technology? What changes in our mind so that we have to have our Apple products close at hand, or we panic. If I feel this way now, what does this mean in the future?

Apple Addiction

Is there such a thing as Apple addiction? Anyone who has seen the launch of the iPhone 4S at the Apple shop in convent garden could argue that the answer is yes.

I guess this says more about society than we would like to admit and who am I to argue with what people want to spend their money on? How do we break rank? I think it will take a major assault on Apple products to make us break ranks. But who is brave enough to make a stand, who will cure us from our Apple addiction?

Kindle Fire HD


Don’t worry, Amazon have a plan. Ok, so not so much a plan, in reality it’s just another company looking for a share of the market. But, Amazon have serious weight behind their intentions.

For example

•    Amazon has a near 90% share of ebooks

•    Annual sales last year were up 37% at 30 billion

•    Amazon’s Kindle is the most popular e-book reader on the market

So Amazon have the credentials to battle it out with Apple. Their Kindle Fire has done well and their forthcoming Kindle Fire HD, aka Kindle Fire 2, is also set to be a popular cheap alternative to the iPad. The next question is, can they out do it? Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure, they will have to break new ground to do so, just offering the same produce at a cheaper price is not enough. Apple has become a status symbol as much as a product. If Amazon want to control the market, they are going to have to produce something that makes us move on. A tough ask.