All that glitters, may not be gold…

Ian Hancock Stuff

As you may know, we have had an iPad around the office for a month or so.

Great you may say, and it defiantly has its advantages. But is it really a breakthrough product, I am not so sure? Let’s just say the jury is still out.

With anticipated sales expected to be high, Apple UK have pre-ordered over 70,000 units. However, only 10,000 people took up the pre-order option. Question is, if you have a laptop, or pc, can you justify another £400.

Personally, although I fell in love with the iPad when I saw it, and I do think it looks very cool. It just doesn’t do enough to hold my attention.

I think that the most important feature may well be the apps. Offering software that is useful (at affordable prices) could hold the key to iPad success.

Let’s see how things unfold.