Adwords Site Extensions

Ian Hancock Pay Per Click

Miromedia have 4 Adwords Professionals within the company. As you can image, this leads to a great deal of conversation about client campaigns and how we get the best out of each one.

One thing that everyone in the PPC team agrees with is the usefulness of site extensions (SE). SE’s have a positive impact on the Click Through Rate (CTR) of every campaign. I thought it would be useful to impart some SE information, so that blog readers can better target their internet customers.

For example –  Sky TV

Google Adwords Site Extension Example

Looking at this ad in detail, we can see the original ad copy structure, with characters 25,35,35. Below this you can see 6 site extensions detailing different elements of the Sky Service offering, from ‘How to get a Free Sky+ Box’ to ‘6 Months Half Price Sports Pack’.

Site Extension Features

Site extensions have several exciting features. Firstly, they catch the eye as links. Secondly, they expand the size of the ad. Thirdly, traffic can be directed to special offers, or a certain parts of a site. Fourthly, users can be directed to the deal that interests them most. I could go on, but I don’t want to give everything away.

So site extensions are ace, now what?

We recommend that you get your USP’s, features, promotions, etc.  into the site extension copy and see how they perform. Monitoring this is easy, if you link your account correctly through to Google Analytics.

Happy clicking!