Miromedia is a team of brilliant individuals, each with their own area of expertise and all pulling in the same direction. That’s the best kind of team in our eyes.

About Us

We’re an established online marketing agency. We’ve been around since 2002 and we’ve seen lots of other agencies come and go. In those 13 years we’ve learned, adapted and evolved and we continue to do so. We’re a forward thinking agency that always looks at the benefit to our clients in terms of real, measurable results.¬†Our biggest strength is our people. From the founding directors through to the newest member, the team is brimming with expertise, enthusiasm and the determination to get the job done properly.

  • "My favourite thing about Miro is that everybody accepts me for who I am. Even though I live on Pot Noodles and can sometimes resemble a homeless chimpanzee, they let me be me and that's brilliant."

    Gus McDougall, Designer

  • "I've been with Miro for over 100 years and I love it. I especially love that the young people make me tea and I get free Jaffa Cakes. I could do with a blanket, mind."

    Julian Wilkins, Account Manager