A Picture Says A Thousand Words

Ian Hancock Stuff

The new social media trend for 2012 has seen a shift away from wordy status’ and updates to a new form of visual marketing. The information that is being given by companies to their followers on social media channels is constantly being shrunk and replaced by visual social media. Where we once had lengthy Facebook status’ these have soon become replaced with Twitter updates where 140 characters is enough to convey a message. However now sites like Pinterest and Instagram means companies are opting to show not tell.

A study by ROI research found that 40% of people are more likely to engage with brands who use images rather than other forms of social media. By using images lots of information is conveyed in an instant. With more people logging into social media on smart phones, taking a picture has became a lot easier than trying to type an update on a tiny keyboard.

With the vast amount of information were bombarded with everyday, a quirky image can be a welcome release from everyone trying to speak their mind and get their message across. Images can be powerful and evoking and aren’t seen as invasive and a hard sell compared with companies that send out promotional tweets.

An image can provide a quick insight into your company so users can quickly decide if you appeal to them or not. They allow you to get to the point quickly as more and more people are pressed for time and need something they can consume quickly. It’s a clever way of captivating your audience when they’re on the move.

This growing form of visual social media is particularly beneficial to the fashion and design industry. Products can be advertised in an instant with a direct link to your site, if someone wishes to buy the product on that image. Video’s such as “how to’s” can reach unique visitors who can get a direct insight into your brand.

The rise of visual media is a great way of standing out from the crowd. The evolution of social media is taking a shift towards the time conscious so images are key and it’s important for brands to take this on board. Miromedia can help you use the right social media forum for you and help you promote your brand online. Contact one of our friendly team today on 01926 358200 or via twitter – @miromedia.