A new word is impactful

Ian Hancock General

I have this morning received a presentation from a company in our arena of the Marketing, Online and New Media space. Within this presentation a ‘new word’ was used time and time again. The word in question? IMPACTFUL. Now, being a fan of the English language and it’s continued progression, my immediate reaction was to reference in Google.

In my opinion, the first description was quite apt – of which can be seen at the following URL (or by typing ‘impactful’ into Google.co.uk) http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=impactful
or can be seen below…

“A non-existent word coined by corporate advertising, marketing and business drones to make their work sound far more useful, exciting and beneficial to humanity than it really is. This term is most frequently used in “team building” seminars and conferences in which said drones discuss the most effective ways to convince consumer zombies to purchase crap they clearly do not need or even want.”

In summary, the use of this word clearly demonstrates a distinct lack of vocabulary from the writers point-of-view. Maybe the use of words like, ‘effective’, ‘successful’ or maybe ‘has impact’?