A Cultural Shift For Digital Marketing Firms

Andy Clarke General, Search Engine Optimisation

Back in February SEO and digital marketing firms across the World began to see a series of unexpected search results. Those changes that have since been given the slightly daft names of Google Penguin, Panda and Bigfoot were absolute. They came swiftly and changed the World of SEO as we knew it. There followed a period of great uncertainty were people couldn’t be sure what had changed, but soon things began to become clear.

Google were making major changes to their rankings using algorithms that aimed to promote sites with highly authorative, informative content, along with social signals like high quality linking from high quality websites. The cultural shift had to be made to move away from SEO technology, tricks and techniques and start developing our Clients content to appeal more to site visitors. The idea being if visitors like the website, then Google will too!

It was vital then for Miromedia and any other digital marketing firms worth their weight, to gear-up their service for this. Now, that isn’t exactly an easy thing to do, but I will be sharing some of the new techniques we are employing to ensure our Clients continue to grow in the search rankings, in the coming blogs. in the meantime check out Hal’s recent blog on Expert SEO Tips Post Penguin for a good start.

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