Internet Users. The over 50’s club

Ian Hancock Email Marketing, General, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media

Here are some very interesting figures released last week

According to The Daily Telegraph ‘An extra million Britons aged 50 or over have gone online for the first time in the past year, as older people become more confident with the internet.’ So internet users continue to grow.

It’s important to remember that every user if different, but we will start to see trends (in this age range) that will show an increase in search traffic relevant to the over 50’s.

Do you want to tap into this market and is it relevant to your business?

You do, great. So how do you tap into this market?

I would advise the following.

First, what are you looking to achieve. Perhaps you would like to increase your revenue, or are you looking to provide useful information to the over 50’s.

Second, how are you going to go about achieving your goals?

If you are looking to sell products, it is important that you identify the relevant search terms. Terms that will be used by the over 50’s. Then you need to position yourself at the top of the search engines (Google etc) for the search terms relevant to the products you sell.

Perhaps you are looking to provide quality information to the Masses? One element that can help is Viral Marketing. This can assist in getting your message out there, by encouraging others to spread your words.

These are just a couple of online marketing tips showing how to get the most out of the internet. So, if you are looking to increase sales, or increase brand reputation, the internet can help. But have a structured plan, or speak to someone who can help with your online marketing….

…like Miromedia.