3 Things you Need to Know About Link Building

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Links are fundamental to SEO, this is not open to debate. They act as ‘votes’. It is near impossible to perform in the search engines without links to your site pages. But manipulating search engines through link building can land you in hot-water and can potentially ruin your on-line business. So how do you go about creating a strong link profile? And how do you avoid penalisation? Miromedia have provided a run down of the 3 main things you need to remember when it comes to link building.

  1. Avoid links from spammy sites – following recent algorithmic updates to Google certain links are not only devalued, but they are actively penalised. So how do we define ‘spammy’? The first things to look at when link building are page rank and domain authority. If they are low then stay away. The second thing to do is look at is the site itself. If it looks poorly maintained or dodgy in anyway then its best not to link from it. Too many ads are also a no no.
  2. Ensure sites you are linking from are related to your offering – if you sell ice cream you don’t want a link from a site about fireplaces.  Search engines will ‘read’ the content on the page and the site that the link is from. If the site isn’t related to your offering then the link may be seen as unnatural.
  3. Quality not quantity – There was a time when link building was a numbers game. Essentially the more links you had the better. This is no longer the case as search engines now favour high quality links, although volume is still a factor. What is a high quality link? A link from a relevant, powerful site that is placed in a page of content, not just a sentence. It is also crucial to avoid having thousands of links with the same anchor text as this is a major spam signal for search engines. Link builders used to pay for thousands of links with the same anchor text from low PR sites. Search engines are now wise to this and people found to be doing it face serious penalisation.

Don’t get me wrong, there is more to link building than these three principals but they are a sensible place to start.

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At Miromedia we are constantly reviewing our link building strategy and if you want to know more about how we can increase your sites performance visit our link building service page.